Historic Projects

Historic Structural Engineering Projects

Structural Engineering Associates, Inc. (SEA) understands the importance of maintaining the appearance of historic buildings, while repairing deficiencies and/or cleaning the historic building. SEA has the capability to survey existing buildings to determine deficiencies, and to prepare restoration documents to repair exterior facades and/or building structure. SEA has experience with various types of exterior facades and works closely with owners to ensure their buildings maintain their visual aesthetics. Occasionally some projects require additions or expansions, and we have project experience with this as well.

  • Siceluff Hall Structural Repairs & Masonry Renovation – Springfield, Missouri
  • Railway Express Building Structural Repairs and Masonry Renovation – Kansas City, Missouri
  • McDonald Hall & Arena Masonry Renovation – Springfield, Missouri
  • Union Station Structural Repairs and Masonry Renovation – Kansas City, Missouri
  • Liberty Memorial Exterior Façade Restoration – Kansas City, Missouri
  • Hall of Waters Terrace Rehabilitation – Excelsior Springs, Missouri
  • Hall of Waters Façade Condition Study – Excelsior Springs, Missouri
  • Remodel of Post Office for IRS
  • IDIQ Contract with National Park Service