Sporting Structures

Structural Engineering for Sporting Centers

Structural Engineering Associates, Inc. (SEA) provides both new designs of sports structures and yearly maintenance plans and/or studies for existing structures. Our design staff has the capability to meet the unique design requirements for each new sports venue. With our experience in studying and restoring existing sports structures, we are able to use that knowledge to provide a design that will help prolong the life expectancy of the sports structure. SEA also has the ability to work closely with owners of existing structures to assist them with repairs and maintenance of their structures to prolong the life of their buildings.





  • Jackson County Sports Complex Indefinite Delivery Contract – Kansas City, Missouri
  • Kauffman Stadium Water Spectacular – Kansas City, Missouri
  • T-Bones Ballpark – Kansas City, Kansas
  • Southern Illinois Ballpark – Marion, Illinois
  • Heinz Field Repairs – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • MU Taylor Stadium – Columbia, Missouri
  • MSU Plaster Stadium Waterproofing and Renovation – Springfield, Missouri
  • MU Memorial Stadium Waterproofing and Renovation – Columbia, Missouri
  • MU West Press Box Renovation – Columbia, Missouri