UMCK Bloch Building

Henry W. Bloch School of Management Addition at UMKC

Structural Engineering Associates provided the structural design for this $32 million, 68,000 square foot, new business school building. The structural foundation system consists of grade-beams and slabs on drilled piers. The structural floor system consists of post-tensioned concrete girders and cast-in-place, skip-joist framing. Perimeter girders support precast concrete wall panels and glass curtain wall system. The structural roof system consists of steel joists and wide-flange steel beams and girders. Special considerations were made for unique elements within the structure including truncated, cone shaped skylights framed with structural steel tubes, a monumental stair framed with steel and wood, and operable partition support framed with concrete and steel members. The facility utilizes vertical circulation through a central atrium that services classrooms, administrative offices, and interactive study areas.