Restoration & Repair Services

Building & Parking Garage Restoration

Structural Engineering Associates is uniquely qualified to provide complete structural restoration services. SEA has been providing repair and renovation design for parking structures and masonry buildings since the 1970’s.  Our extensive experience in renovation combined with our structural design experience provides an extensive depth of knowledge for every common structural framing system.

The firm’s extensive technical reference library, dating back to the early 1900s, provides an invaluable resource for structural systems and materials of the past.

SEA is nationally recognized for its experience in the fields of concrete and masonry restoration.  SEA has been on the forefront of technology in these fields, being the first design firm in the Midwest to implement impressed current cathodic protection in parking structures, the first in the Midwest to utilize dry silica fume admixture in concrete to retard steel corrosion, and more recently the first in the Midwest to utilize impressed current cathodic protection in a transitional age masonry structure to retard corrosion of steel framing members.

As an outgrowth of our renovation services, SEA has also developed an expertise in locating and eliminating water infiltration in buildings.


Historic Restoration

Working with historic preservation architects, SEA provides structural services to analyze existing conditions of buildings and provide design for stabilization, restoration and renovation of some of the nation’s landmarks and historically significant buildings.  SEA is aware of the sensitive nature of working on such structures and the importance of maintaining the historic fabric of these buildings for future generations.

SEA’s broad background in structural design, renovation/restoration design, and our familiarity with antiquated framing systems allows us to provide historically sensitive repairs to buildings.